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Our clients often come to us feeling worried and sometimes overwhelmed by the possibility their pet has serious heart disease.

Our hope is that at the end of the cardiology consultation, our clients will feel more confident and informed about their pet’s future and less stressed knowing that they are giving their pet the best possible care.

Vet and Dog in a consultation at VCA

Dr Brad Gavaghan and
Dr Fiona Meyers

Veterinary Cardiologists Australia was founded by two passionate cardiologists, Dr Brad Gavaghan and Dr Fiona Meyers; the first two veterinary cardiologists in Australia. 


Our philosophy is to always listen to your concerns about your pet’s health, and share our knowledge to accurately diagnose your pet’s heart disease. From there, we can  help you navigate through the complexity and uncertainty of heart disease.


With the experience we’ve gained from treating patients for a combined 35 years, we will discuss all medical and surgical options and will recommend a diet and exercise plan to help manage your pet’s heart disease.

Helping our clients give their best friend, their best life

With a plan, and the dedication you have for your pet,
we’ll all be able to improve their quality and length of life.

We want you to leave us feeling empowered to take control of your best friend’s lifestyle –
and rest assured you’ve done everything you can to help them.

Our Cardiologist Team

Dr Brad Gavaghan


Dr Brad Gavaghan is the co-founder and co-director of Veterinary Cardiologists Australia, and the first veterinary cardiologist in Australia. Read More…

Dr Fiona Meyers

BVSc (Hons) PhD MANZCVS DipACVIM (Cardio)

Dr Fiona Meyers is the co-founder and co-owner of Veterinary Cardiologists Australia, and the second veterinary cardiologist in Australia. Read more…

Dr Christopher Lam

BA BVSc (Hons), DipACVIM (Cardio)

Dr Chris Lam has recently completed his 3 year residency at Veterinary Cardiologists Australia, joining the team of cardiologists. Read more…

Our Nurses

Kerrie Wilson

Dip VN

Kerrie is one of our dedicated nurses at Veterinary Cardiologists Australia, and has been with us since 2007. She prides herself on the gentle, kind care she provides for pets and has a passion for vet nursing.

Sarah Wellburn

NZDipVN RVN (Australia)

Sarah has over 20 years of experience in veterinary nursing and has been with VCA since 2018. She is passionate about providing exceptional standard of care to pets.

Natasha Darroch

Cert IV

Natasha is our newest addition to the VCA vet nursing team. With over 12 years in GP nursing and a further 10 years as a Zookeeper, Natasha’s passion for animals sees her take exceptional care of her patients.

Helping our clients give their best friend, their best life.