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We understand how stressful a diagnosis of heart disease can be when it comes to looking after your pet’s health.


But it doesn’t have to be this way…


If your veterinarian has detected a heart murmur or is concerned your pet has other signs of heart disease and has referred you to a cardiologist, you’ve come to the right place to put your mind at ease.


Together with the cardiologists at Veterinary Cardiologists Australia, you’ll receive a same day, accurate diagnosis and we’ll help you find a treatment plan to give your pet their best life.


We believe in a holistic approach that brings together the science of medical therapy,  surgical intervention, and creating a plan for nutrition and exercise to help you give your pet the lifestyle they deserve.


The VCA Advantage

Knowledge and Expertise

Experienced specialist cardiologists utilising their combined 35 years of experience to care for your pet


State-of-the-art equipment

Australia’s most advanced ultrasound systems supported by advanced Holter and ECG technologies, and fluoroscopic imaging

Same day urgent referrals

Urgent access to a cardiologist and an intensive care unit is a life-saving service we provide for cardiac patients


Compassionate cardiac care

Our goal is to support owners to enable their much-loved pets to live a happy and active life

Complete range of services

The care we provide ranges from lifestyle and diet choices through to medications and surgical solutions

What our clients have to say

“We can’t speak highly enough of Dr Brad Gavaghan and the team at Veterinary Cardiologists Australia. It has been 5 years since Scout received her pacemaker. Their ongoing expertise and care has given us the extra years of fun and adventures that we wouldn’t have had otherwise.

The VCA team’s practical support of our local vet on the Sunshine Coast, and to us, means that Scout has lead the fullest life possible given her heart issues and we’ve got absolutely no doubt that her story would have a very different ending without VCA’s expertise and support.”

Shelley S. – Pet Owner

Our promise to you

We’ll give you an accurate same day diagnosis. Our expertise helps to avoid the costs that come with performing unnecessary additional tests.

We’ll help you navigate through the uncertainty of heart disease to find peace of mind and wellbeing for your pet.

Together, with a clear diagnosis, we’ll choose a treatment and lifestyle plan to help your best friend live their best life.