There are just seven cardiologists in Australia. Two of these cardiologists plus a senior cardiology resident and a first-year cardiology resident make up the team at VCA working from the two VSS hospitals in Brisbane and Carrara. When you come to see us at VCA, your pet will be treated with compassion and benefit from the many years of experience VCA offers.

The cardiologists at VCA work closely in a collaborative manner to provide a world class level of cardiac care. We also work alongside our specialist colleagues in other fields when required within the large multi-disciplinary VSS hospitals to provide complete pet care options. The team at VCA utilises the most advanced ultrasound and diagnostic systems available in human and veterinary cardiology to provide the best possible care for your pet. Our goal is always to work as a team with your primary care veterinary to offer life-long care and support, rather than just a diagnosis and a report.